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  • Bird proofing to domestic and commercial 

  • Netting

  • Spiking

  • Carry out bird fouling removal 

  • Shooting

  • Proofing for roof voids in domestic properties 

  • Birds roosting around your premises can cause problems for businesses. Pigeons, especially, congregate in large numbers once they find an area they like. They can be noisy, messy, disruptive and unhygienic, putting off customers and staff alike. There is also the potential of damage to your property from detritus and fouling generated by them and susequent costs of cleaning and repair.

  • One of the simplest ways to deter birds permanently is by using a spikes system. These are harmless and move birds on from favoured roosting sites so your business can carry on undisturbed. However, they should only be used where 'roosting' and 'resting' occurs, not where nesting is taking place.

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