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  • Rats can be very persistent even gnawing through metal to get in, and if they do gain access into your home or business premises they can spread diseases, cause damage and contaminate food. Rats can cause other problems, so it’s vital to eliminate a rat infestation quickly as rats can:

  1. Damage property with constant gnawing, rats can damage insulation, chew through floor joists, pipes, doors, floorboards.  Rats will also shred nearly anything for their nests, from paper to linen and plastic.

  2. Contaminate foodstuffs as pathogens are in a rat’s urine and droppings, these can transmit diseases such as Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis), Rat-bite fever and Salmonellosis.

  3. Check for common signs of rats which will help you identify a problem early, ensuring effective treatment can start as soon as possible.

  4. Alarm — immediate loss of trust from customers and employees, especially in food processing, industrial & manufacturing and food & beverage sectors.

  5. Damage — of goods and equipment such as computers, electrical appliances, wires and pipes in offices and business premises.

  6. Losses — infestations may cause product recalls and loss of contracts which can lead to financial loss and the loss of company reputation.

  7. Legal — failure to comply with legislation could lead to business closure or fines.

Even rats in the garden and outside your premises can also present tremendous risk, particularly for industries that require zero tolerance to pests.

Discovering rats in your home or business can be very distressing. Luckily there are ways you can deter rats and prevent an infestation.

 Proofing your home to deny pests entry and removing easy access to food and water can really make a difference. Rats need easy and consistent access to a water source, even though they only drink between 15 - 60ml per day. They will eat almost anything available, but they do prefer to eat small amounts of a variety of different foods.

See some tips below on practical ways you can help to prevent a problem:

  • Keep foodstuffs in metal or glass containers with tight-fitting lids.

  • Tidy inside the house and around the garden - less clutter means fewer places to hide.

  • Place outdoor rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids to stop them from feeding on contents.

  • Clean up pet food and bird seed debris, and store pet food in robust containers with fitted lids - preferably above ground level.

  • Keep gardens free from debris. If you have a compost heap don’t include organic food waste, as this will attract them.

  • Rats are nimble, versatile and make the most of any opportunity to enter your home. Black rats are good climbers. Whilst brown rats can climb, they prefer to build burrows, particularly near or beneath solid structures like sheds, garages and walls.

  • They are very adept at swimming in sewers and drain systems, making the most of any damaged pipework. Both species will gnaw at gaps to enlarge them enough for easy entry. 

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