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  • There are a variety of insects that can infest stored foods, damaging the raw materials used in food at home or in businesses and feed production, as well as contaminating finished products. This will make the affected materials such as dried fruit, barley, rice, oilseeds and wheat unfit for consumption.

  • FACT: The majority of stored product pests are small beetles or moths.

Potential Risks From SPI Problems:

  • Larval webbing can cause serious blockages and damage to processing and production area machinery

  • Infected grains are liable to become warmer, accelerating insect problems and leading to problems with damp, mould and even grain germination

  • Non-compliance with legislation can lead to commodities being rejected

  • Contamination of foodstuffs and finished goods by insect waste materials

Steps to Take For SPI Control Today:

  • Identify the problem species of stored product insects with professional help from ALL-GONE PEST CONTROL

  • Targeted insecticide sprays

  • For the long-term prevention and eradication of insect pest outbreaks, I offer an annual contract.

Tribolium castaneum
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